Follow Up

I went back to the Doctor’s office and asked him about Mike’s health issue. He did not seem well enough.

“That is why we have to keep him overnight.” He said. “We have to monitor him if he will be able to recover well before we release him.”

“When can he be scheduled to be released?” I asked.

“Most likely tomorrow but we will decide on that in the morning.” He answered.

We stayed a bit with Mike but Fred and I had to leave to go and look after Chloe. We left him with Ann by his side.

Next morning, we woke up early, went to work. Fred and I had agreed we meet at the hospital at lunch hour so that we can check up on Mike. As soon as my lunch hour break was on, I rushed to the hospital and found Ann sitting on a chair next to Mike’s bed. She looked tired. Her eyes were puffy from lack of sleep. Fred came in a few minutes later.

The doctor came to the room and smiled when he saw us.

“Afternoon.” He said while walking to where we were.

“Afternoon.” We responded.

“Its good you are all here. As I had told the wife, we will be releasing the patient today.”

“Oh that’s good.” Fred said. “What time?”

“In about four hours from now.”

“Ill be here for him.” Fred replied.

“Great, but there are things I need to talk to you about.” He said. “Please follow me to my office.”

We followed him to the end of the hall. His office was huge, lit up with many florescent lights. We sat down on the chairs that were strategically in front of his desk.

“Ann, as the wife, you will need to be so careful with him once he gets home. Please make sure to give him space but when he wants to talk, listen to him.”

Ann nodded.

“Secondly, please make sure all the prescribed medications are out of reach to him. We do not know what caused him to decide on suicide, so it is better to be safe as victims are more likely to try it again.” He continued.

“Okay.” Ann said.

“I would also like you to observe him. Look for any changes on his behavior. Once you note that something is amiss, please let us know so that we can be able to check on him.” He added. “Lastly, he should be on therapy for a while. Take this card and contact the doctor as soon as possible.”

Fred rose up and picked the card from the Doctor’s hand and gave to Ann. She took it and put it in her bag.

“That is all for now.” The Doctor said. “Let me start the paper work so as to have him released.”

“Thank you.” We replied in unison as we left his office.

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