“Hey girl, come in.” I said to her.

“Thanks.” She replied and walked inside the office. She sat on a chair next to my desk.

I looked at her trying to see if she had heard news about Mike, her husband or rather her ex. She looked happy.

“So are you ready we go and have some drinks?” She asked. She seemed excited.

“About that, I think we will have to reschedule.”

“Why?” She asked.

I kept quiet for a while. I was thinking on ways to break the news to her.

“What is it Kate? Just tell me!” She asked looking concerned.

“Okay. Have you heard anything about Mike?”

“No, I have not.” She replied. “What has he done?”

“He kind of got into an accident. I do not have all the details but Fred will pass by then we go and see him.”

Ann stood up and paced around the office.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“What sort of an accident was he in?”

“I don’t know.”

“Omg! I think I am going to be sick.” She said while holding her head.

I rushed towards her and held her before she fell backwards. She fainted.

I let her lie down on the floor. I opened her blouse to let air in then opened the windows. Personally, I was sweating profusely. My heart was beating fast. After a few minutes, Ann woke up. She looked around the room as if to try and figure where she was before having a seat on the chair she was seated on. She sobbed silently.

Just then, my phone rang. It was Fred.

“Kate, I am in the parking. Are you ready for us to go?” He asked.

“Yes I am. Let us come.” I replied.

“What do you mean by ‘us’?”

“Ann came by the office. She had no idea about the accident.”

“Okay. I have packed near the gate on your way out.”

“Ill be there in a few.”

I helped Ann up and together left the office to the hospital. Fred drove in his car ahead of us while Ann and I were together in my car following behind.

We go to the hospital a few minutes to five thirty. We rushed to the reception desk and inquired about Mike. He was on the second floor. We used the lifts located next to the desk and got to him. He was on drips and had pipes inserted in his mouth. He looked so weak.

I noticed a Doctor passing by. I went to him and asked what was the issue.

“The patient was found in his room by the neighbors unconscious. He had tried to overdose with some sleeping pills.” The doctor started.

Ann let out a cry.

“He is currently stable but very weak. We pumped all the medication out of his system but hopefully, tomorrow he will be well.” The Doctor continued.

“Thank you.” Fred said.

“I would also recommend he does some counselling sessions. It will be good for him.” The Doctor added.

“Alright. We will make sure of it.” Fred said.

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