Work Flow

Tuesday 3rd of January 2017, I woke up curious and hopeful on how the year would turn out to be. I prepared breakfast and together with Fred, we left for our workplaces by 7.40am. The nanny had arrived early to take care of Chloe.

As I got to the parking lot, I was surprised to see how full it was. Guess everyone is back to work. I parked on my usual spot, got my handbag and stepped to the office. I met the receptionist at the door. She was on a call. I waved to her and as I walked towards my office, I found two cleaners busy cleaning up.

“Good morning.” I said to them.

“Good morning.” They replied in unison.

“Sorry for interrupting.”

“Its okay. We will be done cleaning in a few minutes. Sorry for the delay.”

“No problem.” I replied and left the room.

I walked over to the open space work area where I found the some staff chatting amongst themselves. They all looked happy.

I greeted them and sat on one of the chairs next to them. The conversations came to an abrupt stop. I guessed because I was a senior to them. I removed my phone from my handbag and ignored them. After a few minutes, Mrs Wright walked in the office and came directly to me.

“Happy New Year Catherine.” She shouted.

“Happy New Year to you too.” I replied.

“I am glad you are well. Why are you seating out here?” She asked.

“I am waiting for the cleaners to finish cleaning up my office.” I responded. “They will be done in a few.”

“Alright. Let me get to my office. We will talk later.”

As she was walking to her office, one of the cleaners called my name and told me that they had finished cleaning up. I got my bag and went to the office.

I switched on the laptop. It took a few seconds to start. I checked my emails. I had only two unread emails from the professional body I was in. They were reminding me to go pick my 2017 practicing certificate from their office. I made a mental note to go and pick it in the afternoon.

Since I was not so busy, I checked my LinkedIn page and updated my profile. I then logged into my social media accounts and followed what was trending.

At around ten, I called Ann. She picked my call after several rings and answered like she was short of breath.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes. I am taking a piss, that’s all.” She answered.

I laughed.

“Okay, call me after you are done.” I said and hang up.

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