New Year

Over the next few days, the mood was festive. Having family around made me feel so loved and appreciated all the little things in life. We stayed at my mum’s place for two days before getting back to the city. I visited Ann the next day as she was alone the past few days as Mike had traveled to his home. She had refused to accompany him as she was still mad at him over the affair between Mike and his colleague.

On the 31st, Fred and I were home waiting for the New Year. We had no prior plans and I was not keen on being outside the house with little Chloe. The masses of people, noise and distraction would have made it impossible for us to enjoy the night.

I had prepared honey glazed chicken for dinner. Fred loves his chicken so I had to do it right. I had seasoned it a few hours before with spices and soy sauce. Then I put some lemon juice on a bowl, added in honey and few drops of soy sauce. Smeared it all over the chicken and baked it for about thirty minutes. I then served with some mashed potatoes.

We watched movies until around midnight. By now, the neighborhood was a bit noisy. The loud music booming from next door, kids already doing the countdown and playing. I switched the television back to a local station where they were showing the countdown in the city. The venue was a tall building where the fireworks will explode from. As the minutes ticked in, I got excited. I could not wait to see how the celebrations would be like.

The fireworks started exploding as soon as the clock hit midnight. The crowd that was waiting around screamed, danced, kissed and sang as the night sky lit up with different colors. I held tightly to Fred who was also wowed with the event. I kissed and hugged him.

“Happy New Year baby.” I said to him.

“Happy New Year to you too dear.” He replied. “May this year be better than last.”

“Cheers to that.”

We filled our glasses with wine and toasted to the occasion. The event was still being shown on T.V. The crowd had started separating now heading to different locations probably to continue with the celebrations.

I turned my head towards Fred and kissed him again. He looked at me as he placed his glass on the table. He kissed me back. We kissed each other’s several times as we removed each others clothes. He touched my waist, lifted me off the floor and placed me at the dining table.

“Wanna start the year with a bang?” He whispered.

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