The following morning, I woke up at nine o’clock. I was feeling so dizzy and had a headache. Fred was lying beside me on the far end corner of the bed as Chloe had pushed him with her legs. She was sleeping facing up.

Slowly, I woke up and went to the shower. I undressed then stood under the shower doing nothing. The warm water seemed to make my head feel much better and lighter. After like ten minutes or so, I lathered up with soap and washed myself.

When I was done, I went to the kitchen to see if I would help in anyway but found that everything was in order. The house keepers had already prepared breakfast fit for a king. From beans, eggs, sausages, cereals, toast breads, corn and the beverages. I rushed back to the bedroom and woke up Fred. Chloe was already up and was playing with her dad’s phone.

We all got ready after about forty five minutes and went downstairs to have breakfast. Chloe decided she would have only sausages. No milk, no juice. The other family members joined us in a few minutes. It was a full house. We engaged with small talks with each other. I sat down next to Fred’s mum. She was having beans, orange juice and toast bread.

After breakfast, while seating under the tree, Fred told his family that we will be leaving to go to my parents house. Since it was a bit far and we had been invited, it would be better if we arrived early. The parents’ wished us a safe journey and to let them know when we arrived.

The drive to my place was good. Very good. Scenic views. Chloe was watching cartoons from my iPad. This kept her busy the whole ride. As we approached the compound, we saw mum checking us through the living room’s window. As the car came to a stop, she ran outside to us. She gave us big hugs and lifted a now confused Chloe and carried her. My brother and his family came and greeted us. We entered the house and were served with cold fresh mango juice.

“How was the trip?” Mum asked as we were settled in.

“It was really good. My parents and family say hi.” Fred answered.

“Thank you.” She answered. “I hope they are all well?”

“Yes they are.”

Chloe ran from her grip to me and asked for her doll. We had left it in the car. I took the keys and excused myself to go to the car. As I was walking, my phone rang. It was Ann.

“Hey dear.” I said trying to open the car.

“I am well. How was your Christmas?” She asked.

“It was awesome. We spent at Fred’s home but we traveled back to my parents place today. Actually we have just arrived.”

“That’s nice.”

“Are you home yourself?” I asked.

“No, I am still in the city. My car broke down yesterday so I had to have it repaired before I leave. I’ll be going home tomorrow.”

“Sorry about that.”

“It is okay.” She answered. “At least I will still go home before the holidays are over.”


“Okay, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Say hi to mum.”

“I will. Thank you so much.”

I picked Chloe’s doll and returned to the house.

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