Girl Time

girl time


I opened up my diary and looked at the schedules for the day. I had no meetings planned. All I had to do at around five o’clock, was to meet up with Ann. The venue was to be decided once I call her. I went back to last week’s posting on the diary and realized that I had not called the candidate that we had decided on for the Accounts department.  I requested the receptionist to call him immediately so that I can pass the good news to him.
“Hi Dennis.” I started.
“Hello.” He answered back.
“Dennis, this is Catherine from BDM Services Limited.”
“I am calling to inform you that you emerged the best from the interview for the position of Assistant Accountant in our organisation.” I continued. “Congratulations!”
He went silent for a few seconds.
“Thank you so much.” He said. “This is an opportunity I have been waiting for.”
“Congratulations again.” I repeated.
He exhaled. “So what next?”
“Ill prepare your contract then once ready, Ill inform you when you can come over so that you can be able to sign it.”
“That’s okay.”
“Quick question, on your interview, you said you are okay with starting work on the 9th of January. Is that still okay with you?”
“Yes it is.”
“Good.” I replied. “Ill talk to you later then. Thank you.”
“Thank you too.”
I then got back to work. I was to update the staff files, record the leave days and also organize the end year party. The boss had requested we do it in the office, so this offered an easier way out. No more booking of space in a hotel. I was to come up with ways also to make it interesting. I talked to my assistant and she gave me some tips on how to go about it.
At lunch hour, I called Ann. She answered almost immediately and we got to discuss where and the time we can meet later in the day. We choose a quiet, uptown lounge that had been opened nearby.
The time dragged on the course of the day. I spent most of the time online. At exactly five o’clock, I left the office and met Ann downstairs where she was waiting for me. We drove to the venue and immediately, we ordered Martini’s. The cold drink was so relaxing to my body that I ordered another one just minutes after arriving.
“Are you okay?” Ann asked.
“Very okay. I had missed this drink!” I replied looking at the drink again.
“You stopped drinking?”
“Not at all. I have been taking wine for a while.”
“Okay. It must be the vodka.”
We laughed.
“I had missed you girl.” I said.
“Me too.”

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