Ann and I stayed at the lounge until 8pm when we decided to go home. Since I did not have a car, she offered to drive me home.
While we were on our way, I asked her about her situation with Mike. The last time Fred and I went by her house, it was obvious they were having issues. We could hear them all the way from the car park to the balcony where they were standing.
“What was the issue?” I asked her while checking for my phone in my bag.
“He has been hiding some stuff from me.” She replied
“Which stuff?” I asked back.
“Over the past few weeks he has been acting so dodgy. I came to find out that he has been having an affair. I tried confronting him but he kept avoiding the issue. “
“An affair? Gosh!!” I exclaimed.
“Yea. I could not believe it too.”
“So after the confrontation, so what did you guys resolve?”
“He has been avoiding talking about it so I have also backed off. You know you cannot force one to talk to you.” She replied diverting to the left turn towards my home.
“I am so sorry Ann. I did not have an idea of what you are going through.”
“Its okay. It has happened so now it is looking for a way forward.”
You can try counselling….” I started.
“If he cannot talk at home about it, then the counselling session will be in vain.” She replied.
“So what will you do?”
“Nothing. I will concentrate with my baby.”
As we came to a stop near the main gate, I picked my bag and placed it on my laps. I then unfastened the seat belt.
“Will you still stay with him?” I asked.
“I am not moving out. He can move out but not me.”
I laughed.
“Don’t laugh. Its true. He brought all this to himself.”
“Do you know the lady he has been having an affair with?”
“Not sure who exactly but I know her name and she works with him. It has been going on for like four months.”
I gave her a few words to encourage her to be strong in the difficult situation she was going through and also make a decision which will be good for herself and the baby. I gave her a hug then stepped out of the car and walked to my house. I found Fred in the house playing with Chloe. The music was on high volume that they could not hear me walk in.
As I moved closer to them, they stopped playing and looked at me then smiled. Chloe came running and hugged me. I also hugged Fred then went to the bedroom. I placed my handbag on the table cabinet and immediately went to the bathroom. I peed then undressed before stepping to the shower. The warm water was so relaxing.


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