“What a surprise!” I shouted when I entered the house waving the bouquet of flowers he had bought and delivered to me at the office.
Fred smiled, stood up and gave me a hug. “You liked it?”
“Yes. It definitely made my day.” I replied. “Thank you. I had a busy day and this really was a good way to end it.”
“You are welcome.” He said and gave me a kiss.
“Mama! Mama!” Chloe shouted as she walked in on us. She was carrying her doll named Lisa.
“Hey baby.” I said and picked her up. “What were you doing?”
“Wash Lisa.” She replied laying back the doll’s hair.
“Is she clean?”
Chloe nodded.
“Have you eaten your fruits?”
She replied “Yes.”
I put her down gently and she continued to pamper her baby Lisa.
I sat down next to Fred and looked what he was upto. He was installing a program on the laptop in front of him.
“Did the nanny cook before she left?”
“Yes. She has prepared some chicken stew with rice.” He replied.
“Wow. That is interesting. I can’t wait to taste it.” I replied while removing my shoes.
I stood up to go to the bedroom but I accidentally stepped on Lisa’s feet. I swear I thought I broke it.
“Mum!” Chloe shouted trying to raise my feet up.
I stepped aside to look at the damage. I had cracked it. I looked at Chloe’s face and I knew I was in deep trouble. She had tears on her eyes. One blink and all the tears would stream down her face. I knelt down slowly, picked up Lisa and tried to make her leg all straight up. The dent was still visible though.
“I’m so sorry Chloe. Lisa will be all good.”
“No. You hurt her.” She said amidst sobbing. She rose up and went to her dad for comfort.
I looked at her and knew I had messed up. As I was still trying to figure out how to calm the situation, Fred whispered to me what to do. What a brilliant idea! I went to the kitchen, removed the first aid box which was on top of the fridge, removed a band aid and went back to the couch.
“Chloe, Lisa is hurt. We have to make her better. Come help me.” I pleaded with her.
She moved slowly towards me and stood upright. I took the doll, laid it on my thighs then placed the band aid on the leg where there was a crack. It looked funny but Chloe suddenly stopped crying. She picked up the doll, inspected it then placed it on her chest and went back to her dad. I looked at Fred and he nodded while smiling. We had managed to calm the situation.
I went to the bedroom, placed my handbag on the rack and went to the bathroom for a quick shower. The warm water was so soothing. After I was done, I slowly walked back to the living room. Fred had already finished the installation of the program.  I turned back, went to the kitchen and heated food for the baby. I fed her and soon after, she fell asleep. Since Fred had already served himself food as I was feeding the baby, I served myself and we watched a series on Netflix before we retired to bed.


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