On Friday morning, I finished on the payroll planning and sent over the data to the accounts department for salary processing for the staff. Hopefully, we will get our salaries as the weekend checks in.
At exactly ten o’clock, the secretary called and informed me that the first candidate had already arrived in the office. I went to the scheduled meeting room where the interview would be conducted and found the rest of the panel already seated. I joined them then we called our first candidate.
We grilled her for about thirty minutes. It was a long one. She had all the necessary attributes but I did not feel like she expressed herself well. She was a bit hesitant and she stammered. When we finished her session, we rested for about fifteen minutes before we called the next one. He was good. He answered questions well and did not find it hard to ask us questions too.
After we were done with the second candidate, we had a break for about an hour. It was lunch hour. I went down the stairs, to the streets then took the first left corner then walked about two blocks. There was this new restaurant that had opened a few days ago that I had been wishing to try it out. The place was a bit full. The ambiance was beautiful. I had never seen something like this before. The lights were strategically put to brighten up the area and the bog windows gave a sense of space. I took a seat on the table next to wide windows overlooking the street. A smiling waiter dressed in black trousers and a blue shirt came and gave me a menu. I choose steak. Well done. He was back after about six minutes with my order. Sizzling hot. The steak came accompanied with a few fries on the side. I also ordered a large glass of orange juice. I took my sweet time to enjoy the meal. It was heavenly! A must place to come back again.

I went back to the office and started the interview again for the next two candidates. I think all two of them were good but ill have to discuss with the panel. We finished the interviews at exactly three o’clock and we discussed how it was. The panel was to give points depending on various factors as presentation, posture, questions answered, and the overall ‘wow factor.

We came to the conclusion that the second interviewee was the best. The male candidate. He scored an average of eighty nine points. I was to call him on Monday morning to inform him of the good news. The meeting was adjourned.

I returned back to my desk only to find a bouquet of flowers neatly placed on the desk. They were pink roses. I took the card and read it. They were from Fred. Sweet!! I could not wait to get home and give him a big hug. This was a nice surprise. I closed my computer, packed my stuff and carried my flowers to the house.

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