Someone please explain to me. Do kids sense when their parents are having sex? Or are they just jealous? As soon as we got down to business of satisfying each other, Chloe let out a cry. This could not be happening. When I was almost about to reach the seventh heaven, there goes the disruption!
Fred was surprised at first but he continued with what we were doing. Chloe at the background screaming her heart out while we were busy finishing up the last few seconds to climax. As we continued, the thrusting become more harder and a bit rough, but Chloe would not shut up. My mummy instincts was not settled but I wanted to get over this. So I started swaying my hips to the rhythmic movement of Fred on top and together, we managed to finally breath. We did it. The gash of his warmth spread inside me mixing with my own fluids.
I got out of bed quickly leaving Fred still frail and went to pick up Chloe. As I picked her up, she started smiling. What the heck? Was she not the one who was screaming her lungs out? Now there she was looking at me mischievously as if she knew what were were up-to.  
I went back to the bedroom and put her next to her dad who by then had at least covered himself up. 
“Ill be back.” I said as I walked to the shower.
“No. Please don’t leave her with me. I need to rest.” Fred shouted.
“And I need to go to work.” I replied as I turned on the shower.

After I prepared myself, I picked my phone to try and call the nanny but I got a message.

                         “Please open the door.”

I tiptoed to the main door and opened the locks. She was standing right outside the door carrying a brown bag.
“I am so sorry. I was in the shower.” I started apologizing.
“It’s okay. I have not been here for long.” She assured me.
“Please come in.” 
She removed her shoes and sat on the couch. 
“I think I need to apologize. I left you without any notice.” She started.
“What was wrong?” I asked.
“I got a call from home. My mum was rushed to the hospital after a neighbor found her unconscious on her front pouch. I went to check on her.”
“Oh my, is she okay?” I asked.
“Yes she is. Her blood sugar had gone way too low as she had not taken her medicine. She has Diabetes Type 1.”
“I’m so sorry.”
Thank you. She was checked and even released to go home. She has to take her medicines though as advised by the Doctor.”
“So who is looking after her?” 
“My elder sister. She was a bit free and took time off to be with her for a couple of days.” She replied.
“Fantastic.” I responded. “I would love to chat more but I have to dash to the office. Fred is around though. Please prepare his breakfast before he leaves then look after Chloe. She is already up.”
“Yes I will.”
“Oh, we bought more cereals for her. You can also give her some bananas that I have left on top of the kitchen counter.”
“Alright. See you in the evening.” 

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