Fred and Chloe were busy taking pictures of themselves. I decided to call the Nanny and see if everything was okay. Her phone rang but she did not pick. I tried again. It was not answered. I decided to send her a text informing her that we were worried about her and she should call back as soon as possible.
We left the park after about five hours and we went to the market. It was already dark. It was almost seven o’clock. We purchased chicken, spices and other bathroom items that we needed. I bought myself a bottle of Martini Rosso. Fred gave me a side look, smiled and he went ahead and bought himself a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka.
Our drive back home was interrupted when Fred took a detour to Mike and Ann’s house. I was a bit surprised on the new developments but I was okay with it.
Ann and Mike were talking to each other at their front balcony. They were standing facing each other but Ann had her hands on her waist. It looked like they were having a disagreement. This awkward. I wanted to tell Fred we walk back to the car and head home but nope. He was not having it.
Since I also did not want an argument, I followed him carrying my pretty baby on my left side. She was looking upwards following the beautiful ceiling decorations that dotted the apartment. Mike saw us first and he smiled. Definitely he was happy that we came just at the right time. Ann did not even smile. Too bad.
We hugged them all and they ushered us to the house. Their kid was playing on the carpet with the nanny watching over him. As soon as we sat down, they moved to the other room. 
“This is a pleasant surprise.” Mike asked changing the channel to one of the Super Sport channels. It was showing highlights of the previous football game.
“I thought we should come say hi since it has been a while since we last saw each other. I’m sorry for not calling earlier.” Fred answered.
“It’s okay. You are welcome anytime.” Ann replied handing us a glass if juice.
Chloe started fussing around so I let her sit on the carpet. Immediately, she started walking towards the toys that were left lying around.
I followed Ann to the kitchen.
“Do you need any help?” I asked.
“No, everything is sorted. The nanny offered to cook for us today” She replied pointing to a pan of rice boiling over on medium heat on the cooker. It smelt fantastic.
“Are you guys okay?” I asked.
“Yes. We are just arguing financial duties around the house. I’m sure we will solve it.” She replied.
“Yea, just give yourself time to talk.”
We walked back to the living room and found the boys concentrating on the game. We looked at each other and decided it was time to give each other the 411.

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