Do Not Lie!

I heard footsteps leading to the door. After a few seconds, Fred walked in holding his phone on his right hand. He stopped again for a second then walked in. 
“I thought the nanny would be here.” He asked sitting next to me.
“She called.” I replied. “She has an emergency so she won’t be coming.”
“What kind of emergency?”
“She did not give me the details but I hope its nothing serious.”
“Yea.” He said stretching his legs on the couch.
“You dropped her at home?” I asked.
“Your sister?” 
“Oh yea. I did.” He said. “By the way, what happened between you two?”
“Nothing happened.” 
“Kate, do not lie to me.”
“Okay, we just had a disagreement. That’s it.” I replied trying to avoid the issue. “What did she tell you?”
“She told me everything.” Fred replied. “You should have told me. That was not the best way to go about it.”
“I’m sorry but I did not think it was a big deal.” 
“She is my sister and what she said was not right. This house belongs to both you and I. She should have respected what goes on here without raising her voice at you.”
I did not respond.
“Kate, I am so sorry for what happened. I promise that it would never happen again. I had a lengthy chat with her.”
“Okay, thanks.” I said.
“And next time, if something like this happens, let me be the first to know.” He added. “Are we clear?”
I nodded.
Suddenly, Chloe suddenly let a loud scream. We rushed to her room where she was sleeping only to find her caught between the bed and the wall. It looked like she was trying to climb down the bed. Fred and I laughed. He picked the baby up and together, we went to the living room.
“How did she even think of doing that?” I asked still laughing.
“She is at that stage. Terrible two!” Fred replied.
Chloe had stopped crying and was rubbing her eyes. She looked so innocent! I checked her diapers to see if it was messed up. Thankfully, it wasn’t. I noticed some red marks on her thigh. I asked Fred about it and said it seemed it was from her getting stuck. Her thigh was the one holding her on the bed. I then went to the kitchen to warm her milk. After a few minutes, I returned and fed her.
“Can we go to the park today?” Fred asked.
“Yea, good idea.” I replied. “Chloe will be so thrilled.”
“The weather is also good.” Fred added. 
“Yes. Ill prepare then we head out.”

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