Time to Party!

“I got a bonus.” Fred said excitedly.
“How? I thought you would get by the end of the year.” I asked surprised.
“I thought so too but the company posted profits in the first and second quarter of the year. So the management decided to give everyone something small for the efforts.” He replied.
“Wow, that’s nice.” 
“Yea. Can we celebrate by going out tonight?” he asked.
“Tonight? What about the baby?” We cannot leave her alone.” I asked.
“I thought about that and asked my sister to come and baby sit.” 
“OMG!” I shouted. “How were you able to arrange all that?”
“I am good in surprises.” he said laughing.
“Okay, when is she coming?” I asked.
“She will be here in about twenty minutes.” He replied checking his wrist watch.
“And where are we going to?” I asked trying to figure out how this will work.
“First, I wanted us to go to the Chinese restaurant near Valley Road then we go out and hit the clubs. Is that okay with you?”
“Yeah. I’m so excited. Let me go freshen up.” I said and jumped up quickly to go to the bathroom. 
After like fifteen minutes, I was ready and looking spectacular. I found Fred with the sister in the living room seated together in the couch. 
The sister gave me a weird look then looked back at her brother continuing her conversation with him. Did she give me that look because of the short purple dress that I was rocking? I did not let that interfere with my mood. That was her problem. I gave her a brief on what to do and showed her where the baby food was.
We kissed Chloe bye and off we went.
The dinner was so nice. We sat outside the balcony overlooking the entire city as the restaurant was situated on the top most floor of the building. This place was so significant to us as we had so many dinners here while we were still dating in campus. It was “our place.”
After we were done, we went to the new club which was recently opened. I think I got shocked on how the scene had changed from when we last went out clubbing. The young girls wore almost nothing. You would literally see everything. The sarcastic bit was the guys were so heavily dressed that it looked comical seeing them together. We sat near the bar. I ordered a mohito while Fred took his usual, a beer. The music was loud and got us in the mood to party.

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