Loo Issues

“I think you should take the Doctor’s advice seriously. Try to relax and avoid stressful conditions.” I said to Ann.
I will, hopefully he won’t add to the stress.” She replied while facing Mike.
“I won’t.” Mike said.
I took the last sip of the juice and excused myself. I had to go home and look after my small family. Traffic back home was smooth. No hustles. I packed the car at the far end of the compound and went in.
Chloe was crawling alone in the living room. Fred was nowhere to be seen. I dropped my bag, picked the baby up and placed her on my left hip and went to the other rooms to check. He was not in the kitchen. I called him. He didn’t respond. I checked the bedroom but it was empty. The bed was messed up. As I was stepping out of the bedroom to go look for him in the back balcony, I heard some noises from the washroom. I went back in. The door was closed. I tried opening but it was locked from the inside. As I was struggling, the toilet was flushed and there came Fred. He had his phone in his hands.
“When did you come?” He asked not surpised on my presence.
“I just entered. Why did you leave the baby alone?”
“I didn’t. I just went to the washroom. I was here.”
“She was alone!” I insisted.
“No, I had to pee and I cannot go to the toilet with her.”
I shook my head.
“Baby, you are getting paranoid. Nothing would have happened to the baby.” He assured me while holding to my shoulders. “Okay?”
I nodded.
“Okay, let us go to the other room.”
We followed his steps back to the bedroom. I placed Chloe on the bed and she started crawling to the other side. I quickly rushed to her side least she fell.
“Where did you go to?” Fred asked adjusting his blue shorts.
“I passed by Ann’s place. She was in the hospital this morning but she is okay.”
“Oh, hope nothing serious?”
“No, she is good.”
“Was Mike around? It has been a while since we last saw each other.”
“Yes he was.” I replied.
“Ill give him a shout.”

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