“You can now go in and see her.” The Doctor said. “Please follow me.”
We followed him to one of the wards just adjacent to his office. The room was white with cartoon characters on the wall. Chloe was on the third bed near the wall. She was sleeping on her right side. Her face did not have the smile she usually has when she was sleeping. Her little hands were held in a fist.
“So what was the diagnosis?” Fred asked sitting on one of the chairs placed next to the bed.
“We did several tests on her but unfortunately we found she had Rubella.” He said.
“What’s that?” I asked seemingly shocked with the news.
“It is basically an infection caused by Rubella Virus. It usually starts with a rash on the body then one experiences vomiting, fever or sore throat.”
“But I did not notice any rash on her?” I asked.
“At times it not that noticeable.”
“Is it fatal?” I asked.
“No. It is easily treatable as it clears on its on or responds to the medicine that is given to treat it.”
“Okay, so how long do we have to keep her here?” Fred asked.
“I would prefer to keep her here for the next two days. As I told you, the disease is an infection caused by a virus. We have to make sure that we keep it at bay and prevent it from infecting further or spreading to other members of the family as it is easily contagious.”
“That’s okay.” I responded.
“You will have to excuse me for a bit, I have other patients to check on.”
Fred and I remained in the room holding baby Chloe’s hand. Personally, I was praying. Please God, make this go away. How did she get this? When? We are so careful with her! 
I looked at my wrist watch and noticed it was 8.45am. Oh my…I have to call my boss and tell her that I won’t be coming. 
I tried her cell like three times and it wasn’t being answered. I then called the switchboard and asked to talk to her. Was told that she was in a meeting so I left a message to let her know that I won’t be in the office today.

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