Banana Smoothie

After we were done, we lay naked on the bed giggling at each other whenever our eyes met. It was epic! He reached over and held my boobs.
“I understand why Chloe was so attached to it?” He said squeezing the nipple.
“Stop it!” I shouted. He really pinched it so hard.
“I’m sorry.” He apologized but still continued to caress it.
“What’s up with your fascination with the boobies today?” I asked.
“They really look good! Have they grown bigger?” He asked filing his hands with the gland.
“Don’t be silly Fred. Its still the same.”
We rested for about thirty minutes before I got up and went into the shower. The warm water was so calming to my body that I took more time before I got out. I wore a tshirt and a short before joining Fred in the kitchen.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I was making us something to eat.” He answered without taking his eyes from the blender.
He was preparing a banana and milk smoothie. On his left, he had placed some cookies on a place ready to be served. Since the situation seemed to be good, I went back to the bedroom and checked on the baby. She was still deep in her sleep. I covered her little feet with a shawl then went to the living room and started watching the T.V.
“Here is yours.” Fred said after placing the drink on the table.
“Thanks.” I replied and took a sip. It was heavenly.
“I hope I did not disrupt you so much from your work.”
“No, don’t stress yourself. Monday is also another day I can work.” I replied.
“Is work that much?”
“Unfortunately yes. Its end-month and people are looking forward towards their pay. So we have to do a little much to make everything ready.”
“Sorry about that.” Fred said and patted me on the back.
There was a game showing on the TV and Fred become so interested in it that I stopped talking. Stephen Curry was dribbling the ball in the court in the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He saved his team by scoring a three pointer with about six seconds remaining. Ain’t he the best? Fred almost left his seat when he scored! 

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