A glass to me!

Let me say something that you would not hear every day.
“Never compare your life as that of the TV programs. You will fail miserably.”
For the longest time, I kept on admiring how couples on my favorite shows looked. They seemed happy and touchy touchy almost all the time. I had moments where I dreamt how my wedding would be, how the babies will be raised and even the car that we will drive.
Life gave me a big shock of my expectations versus the reality. For one, the wedding I had always pictured on my head never came through. I preferred to hold a small wedding with close family and friends. The budget and distance between the friends I had changed. I preferred the people who stood by me to be present alongside the family that I had gained.
The man I had pictured in my mind was tall, masculine and wealthy. Yes, wealthy! Funny, right? I managed to get Fred who was tall, not masculine and not wealthy but very happy with him. The romantic novels I had read while I was young gave me an imagination same as the characters. We have struggled together especially when he was jobless. Taking the role of the house was not easy especially when I was pregnant. 
With the babies, I have one whom I love so much! Getting her was not easy as I had pictured. I went through a lot like miscarriages, bed rest and painful labor in order to bring her to this world. She is perfect. I thought I would go have sex, wait nine months then give one sexy push and the baby would pop out like in the movies. Nah! I even questioned women who had more than eight kids how they managed to handle it all. 
As I am approaching my thirties, I have come to appreciate the things that have made me whom I am. The pain, struggles, laughter, stress, illness, mourning period, love and work gave me the strength to move forward. 
I have reached the big 3-0. I have accomplished a lot of things. I am blessed. Just the other day I came from campus naïve as a chicken to the corporate world and have risen to the HR Manager. My dream already in just a few years. My best friend, Ann, is on her way up the ladder too. She was recently promoted as the Chief Regional Officer. High five to us!
My love of my life, Fred. The father of my baby. The soul mate. My husband. He is still charming as ever, patient, loving and at 32 years, he is the best to have around. His career took a dive but he is on the way to stability. I love you baby. May God bless us with more days to see our grandkids becoming presidents. LOL

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