Of Tulips

7pm, 8pm then 9pm.
9pm was the time Fred came home. He was carrying two bunches of flowers. I had been mad for him for hours that I did not have the energy to start arguing with him. I had been busy with bathing the baby that I did not hear him come in. He cleared his throat behind me. I was startled!
He gave me a hug then handed me two bouquet of flowers.
“Two?” I asked checking the flowers. One was white roses and the other was tulips.
“Yes. The tulips are for you and the other for Iman.”
I smiled. He remembered the baby too! Too bad I had not bought a gift for him. I’m not a bad person, am I?
I went to the kitchen, picked up two vases and filled them with water quarter way then put the flowers in. I placed the tulip flowers in our bedroom then the white roses as a center piece at the dining table.
“I thought you would come home earlier.” I said.
“Yes, I thought so too but work was a bit too much at the office that I had to stay over. I’m sorry. “He apologized. “Happy Anniversary baby.”
“Happy Anniversary to you too.” I replied smiling.
I served food for us then drank the wine that I had bought. Cheers to happy years of being together. We ate as we were watching the Empire series.
“Ann and Mike said hi. I met them at Sally’s when I was leaving the office.” He started.
“Thanks. How are they doing?” I asked taking another sip of the wine. 
“They are okay, cheerful as always. Is Ann just fat or is she pregnant?
“What?” I asked back shocked.
“Yea, she has really gained some pounds if you ask me. “
“I would have known if she was pregnant by now. Guess she has added a bit of weight.” I replied making a mental note of calling her tomorrow. It has been weeks since we saw each other.
“Wow, then that is fast. Just the other day she was going to the gym. What happened?” Fred said.
“We can’t know until we get answers from her.” I replied.
“Okay. What do you think of Trump as a president?” He asked.
“Yes, he is a hopeful. You obviously have a view on him.”
“I would rather discuss something else.” I replied rolling my eyes up.
“Something like this?” He said then kissed me. Very passionately for about two minutes.
I nodded.
We continued for few more minutes before we proceeded to undress each other. It was really getting hot in here! His heartbeat was like he was running. Fast and energetic. His hands did the exploring on my body before he pressed his body into mine. 

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