Chloe Imani

I’ll start by apologizing to all of you in regarding to not posting as I was used to. It has been hectic with the newborn and juggling work. I’m back now and will continue posting weekly.

I gave birth to baby Chloe on the 20th of March. She was born without any complications and weighed 2.8kg. She was beautiful! We named her Chloe Imani. We decided to give her the name Imani which is a swahili name which means faith or belief. I chose that name as I fell in love with the swahili culture when Fred and I visited the coastal town of Malindi in Kenya last year. We are both religious so the name resonates well with our little addition to the family. 
The labor pain was painful but am glad the end results was amazing. Fred was with me throughout the whole process. He never left my sight. Through the screams and tears, he held my hands tight to help me go through the birth. My mum, Fred’s family and Ann were all there to see her. She got lots of gifts especially from my mother-in-law who she is named after. 
Now, baby is all grown up. She can be able to roll herself across the bed when awake and loves being held in a standing position although she is not able to stand on her own. She started crawling or rather hoisting herself up on her tiny hands and knees then rock backward and forward. She enjoys this. I am still breastfeeding her although I have started weaning her. She has mashed ripe bananas, avocados and cereals. She has also started taking an interest on jingles especially during the commercial breaks on the television. She leaves whatever she was doing and listens to it until the end. She has grown fond of a kangaroo doll that her daddy got for her. I usually leave her with a nanny that I employed so that I can be able to go back to work. It is expensive but am willing to sacrifice so that she can be in safe hands.
I returned to work after the stipulated maternity leave. It was hard the first day but I have managed to balance the schedules. Did I tell you that I was promoted permanently to the Human Resource Manager? Yes, I was. The previous manager left to join another firm and I was given the opportunity to head the department. 
Fred finally managed to get another place in town with an upcoming IT firm. He was employed as an IT consultant. Although it is not well paying as the previous one, it was a good start especially since we got baby Chloe. Our savings had started getting low. I pray he continues to get more opportunities to keep the family afloat. He has been of great help around the house and with the baby.


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