Since I had the baby, I have come to find out that motherhood is a major learning curve. One minute you are pregnant and the next you’re a feeding, diapering and a soothing machine. At the same time, you’re way out of your depth, struggling to navigate a stormy sea of new emotions that are unique to moms — from exhilarating pride to nail-biting frustration. I never knew that it would take a lot of toil on me.

Today is our anniversary. It has been a great journey so far. Checking my diary at the office this morning, I realized that it was the actual anniversary date. I tried as much as possible to finish my work at the office and rushed out as soon as the clock hit 5pm. I passed by the market and got some good looking lamb meat, picked some sweet wine and spices.
Back in the house, I found the nanny and Chloe watching cartoons. The baby was so focused on the screen that she didn’t notice my presence! Taking advantage of the situation, I went to the kitchen, placed the items on the kitchen counter and straight to the bedroom. I undressed and stepped to the shower then wore a pink tank top and a black short. Thereafter, I finally went back to the living room and released the nanny. She usually leaves at around 6pm when am back home. Chloe was licking her fingers while still watching Spongebob Squarepants. I am so lucky to have found a perfect nanny. The baby loves her so much that at times I get all jealous from the attention she gets.
I went back to the kitchen and placed the wine in the fridge to get it chilled out before Fred arrives. In the meantime, I started preparing the lamb meat by marinating it with a selection of spices and soy sauce. I then placed them in the oven which was already on at 180 degrees Celsius. As it was getting ready, I boiled some water and put in rice. This was Fred’s favorite food. I know it will make him happy.
Almost an hour had passed and I had not heard Chloe mumble or cry so I tip toed to the other room and peeped. Aaaawww, she was asleep at the same position she was. The nanny had put cushions all around her and two of them at the back to support her back. I wiped my hands and took her to her cot. She must be tired. I checked her diapers and luckily she was dry. She hates being changed while she is asleep. I set the baby monitor on and returned to the kitchen. 
After a few minutes, the food was ready. Now all that remained was my dear hubby to come through those doors and spend some time together.

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