Do you ever wonder how big the earth is? How many people exist? What about Aliens? Lately, I have been too obsessed with the Discovery and National Geographic network. All those shows on Alien sightings have gotten me interested to the point of sitting on the balcony at night to try to see if I can be able to see something. Have not been lucky yet.

Fred does not seem to understand me so he lets me be. He once tried to switch off the television when I was busy watching. I cried. I don’t know where that came from but I started crying infront of him like a baby. He looked at me like I was mad! Since then, he understood the code, all night programs on the television included investigations and peoples confessions.

Do you guys believe in Aliens? Or am I being paranoid?

Today my baby kicked. At first, I thought I had gas in my tummy so I ignored but on the second kick, I knew it was the little angle telling me that he or she was well. I jumped up with excitement and went to where Fred was.

“The baby just kicked?” I shouted.

“Kicked who?”

“Fred, the baby! Our baby just kicked.” I replied pointing to my big tummy.

“Oh, that.” Fred looked surprised then touched the belly. “Is it painful?”

“No,,a bit weird that’s all.”

As he was still trying to touch the belly, the baby kicked again. This time exactly where he had placed his hands.

“Wow!” He shouted moving a step back.

“You felt it, right?” I asked.

“He surely knows his martial arts. Is that even normal?”

I laughed. “Yes it is.”

“Are you sure you don’t want us to go to the doctor and confirm it?”

“Fred, its okay. I was actually waiting for it.”

He poured me a glass of fresh orange juice and gave it to me.

“Drink that, maybe the baby is hungry.”

“Really?” I asked.

We walked to the balcony and sat down. We had placed two chairs. They were made of metal, with two cushions to be bale to support our behinds and back. The cushions were bright orange in color. We also had a small stool that we kept as a table.

“I was with Mike today.” Fred said. “He said hi.”

“That’s nice of him. How is he?”

“Good. He had some issues with his work with the contract but he was able to sort things out.” Fred replied.


We sat there and looked at the view. The lights in the dark made a beautiful spectacle! It was not windy. Just perfect. Then, a shooting star appeared from the east side of the sky. I opened my eyes wide just to make sure I did not miss it. I pointed at it but it was gone in a few seconds.

“Did you see that?” I asked.

“Yes. Wow, that was beautiful!”

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