Advice from Mum

I am at my desk calculating the bills. Since now I was the sole breadwinner, I had the duty of meeting all the bills. The bills included Electricity bills, cable, water, house shopping, taxes, paying for Fred’s taxes, car bills etc.

It was really a lot of work and the cost became a bit high. We all have to sacrifice right? Fred would have done the same to me too.

I looked up on the clock on my phone. It was 6.30am. Fred was still sleeping. I was seated on the balcony of our bedroom. I had a warm cup of coffee next to me alongside a bunch of bills. I also had my diary with me. I flipped its pages and noticed it was almost full. It was time to get another one. I am pretty certain after the baby arrives, I would have more to write from the experiences.

I sipped some coffee and tried to inhale the fresh air. Sweet! It had a cooling effect. I smiled. I picked up my phone and called my mother. I knew she was going to be mad for me to call her this early.
She didn’t answer on my first try. I dialed her number again and she took it.

“Catherine?” She answered.

“Morning mum.”

“Catherine? Are you okay?” She asked sounding worried.

“Yes mum. I am alright. Sorry to wake you.”

“It’s okay dear. I was already up.”

“I miss you mum. I could not sleep so I thought about you.”

“That’s sweet dear.”

“Mum, how did you do it? How did you manage how to keep the home as well as you did? How was it raising us?

“Oh dear Catherine, life is always one day at a time. Just take it slow.”

“It’s a bit difficult mum.”

“I know, take heart. Whatever you are feeling now, it will be over soon.”

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