Life is Mean

“Fred, I am really worried about the future. How can this happen when you are expecting our baby?” I asked. He was holding my hand.

“Everything will work out, just wait and see.” He assured me. “Now I have to work harder to send applications to see if I can get myself another place. In the meantime, you still have a well paying job and our parents are always willing to help us. Be positive!”

I thought about what he said and it all made sense. I nodded and together, we went back to the bed.

Since Fred was on an involuntary leave, I drove myself to work the following day. I was grateful since I did not feel nauseated! I was now on my second trimester. At eighteen weeks, my belly was really big! My sitting position on the car seat was heavily compromised. My feet which was previously swollen, had started regaining their shape back, thank God! I was also taking prenatal vitamin with at least 400 micrograms of Folic acid. I was told that it helps prevent neural-tube defects on the baby such as Spina Bifida.

I arrived at the office and found Ann waiting for me at the reception. She was reading the day’s newspaper. She was dressed in a while A-line dress with red kitten heels. She looked cute!

“Morning.” I said to her while bending forward to try and hug her.

“Hey dear. How are you?” She asked picking her handbag and following me to my office.

“I’m well. Just a bit heavy.”

We laughed.

“Sorry for coming to see you this early.” She started after having a seat in the office.

“No, its no big issue.” I assured her. “What’s up?”

“Mike told me that Fred got the big chop. How is he doing?”

“He is doing good considering the circumstances. He is keeping his positive spirits up.”

“That’s nice.” She replied.

“Has he started looking for other places?”

“No, not yet although he promised me that he was going to start today.”

“That good. He will find somewhere else soon. His skill is top notch.”

“Yes it is. I have been wondering why they had to let him go and leave him…” I said while nodding my head to outside the office. Fred’s junior, Michael, was passing by. We could see him through the glass wall.

“He remained?” Ann asked shocked.

“Yes. They preferred him more.” I said sounding bit angry. “But maybe it is because of the money issue. Fred’s salary was a bit high.”

“But he deserved to remain! They are mean.”

“Life is mean too!”

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