2 O’Clock

It’s two in the morning and I can’t sleep. I just can not find a suitable position to sleep. My tummy, which has now grown immensely, makes sleeping a task for me.  I sit up and look at the other side of the bed. Fred is still sleeping. He is not even covering himself. I pull up the duvet and cover him to his chest.

I walk to the bathroom. I sit on the toilet seat and start urinating. Nothing comes out. What the hell? I was not really pressed after all. I go to the sink and wipe my face with the cold water but all of a sudden, I feel nauseous. I quickly go over to the toilet where I puke. I vomit until I felt my intestines coming out. I slowly gain composure and return to the sink where I rinse my mouth. Damn this pregnancy!

I start crying.

I feel miserable. I am supposed to be strong for Fred but how can I manage this? He has just been fired! Somehow, I feel like its my fault. At least I could have prevented this. But how? I was not even part of the meeting that came up with the list of those guys who were let go by the organisation! Since we came from the office, he has not even said a word. I tried talking to him at least to cheer him up and give him hope that he will find a new job but he wasn’t interested.

I walk to the kitchen. I pour myself a glass of milk which I heat it up a little with the microwave. I carry it to the sitting room and turn on the TV. There was a talk show on but all ratchet. I flipped on the channels before settling on CNN to watch the news. Christian Amanpour was on discussing the ISIS war. This depresses me more. I take a gulp of milk and start on thinking about Fred.

Maybe I should ask his dad for help. He is a very well connected guy in the city and could have easily got him work. I’ll ask Fred about this when he wakes up. Maybe I should also ask some friends in case they have any vacancies in their organisation to help out.

I was actually scared for us. Although I was earning a little more than him, this situation would lead us to start cutting back on expenses. This would actually be next to impossible since the baby was on its way. We had not even done any shopping for the baby items yet. Although Fred was given a handsome package, it would not last us forever. The bills were too many even though we were not currently paying rent. I could not have imagined how it would be.

“What are you doing in the dark?”

I jump up in fear and look to where the voice came from. I look towards the door and notice Fred leaning on it. I didn’t hear him come.

“I am watching TV.” I reply returning back to the seat.

“No, you aren’t.” He said.

I turned my head to the screen only to realize that the scream was blue. I had pressed on the AV button on the remote without realizing.

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