In the office, I managed to get through the day without feeling sick, which was really good. The work load on the other hand was crazy. It is end month and was trying to work out employees file before submitting it to the Account’s department for the payroll to be completed. What kept me going was the little chocolate sweets that I got from a shop downstairs. They were so sweet!

At around five, Fred texted me. He was asking if I was done so that we could go together and so some shopping. I replied quickly and said yes. We met downstairs at the main lobby. We walked to the basement where we had packed the car. Fred opened the car door for me and helped me get into the car. Awww!

We drove to one of the biggest supermarkets in the area which was inside a mall. It was really big. We walked alone the walkway until we entered the supermarket. Fred pulled a trolley and we started at the first aisle. We picked a lot of stuff by the time we were done. We swiped our card and left to the car where we packed the stuff to the trunk of the car.

We walked back and had some drinks on one of the restaurant. It was really hot still. I ordered a cocktail juice with a piece of blackforest cake. Fred had coffee.

“Why you having coffee?” I asked.

“Is it wrong?”

“Its hot, aren’t you feeling hot?”

“No. Its actually getting a little bit cold!”

“And why am I feeling hot?” I asked.

“Because you are pregnant.” Fred said laughing.

I smiled. I really cannot get my head around this. I’m so excited.

“We need to start planning for the baby early. He needs to get the best.” Fred said.

“Yes we need to.” I added. “By the way, did you pay the bills?”

“Which bills?” He asked.

“For the cable, water and electricity. They were due yesterday.”

“Oh shit. I forgot the cable. Man!!”

“Don’t stress. You can still pay tomorrow.” I assured him.

“No, what if we get disconnected? What will we do?”

We looked at each other.

“Its okay. We can get creative tonight.”


“We can do a movie night, candle lit dinner at a fancy restaurant or do a walk.”

“I’ll pass on the candle lit dinner. You may puke in the restaurant and I will be so embarrassed. Let’s do the movie tonight and eat junk.” He said poking my shoulders with his index finger.”

“Yes. I am really in need of junk food.”


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