13 Weeks

After about three weeks, I went back to the clinic and saw the gynecologist. She did a check up on me and finally gave me the go ahead. I could now reveal to the world that I was pregnant!

The first person to come to mind was Anne. I had to tell her. I looked at my wrist watch and saw it was about lunch hour. She could be busy in the office, out for lunch or maybe rushed home to see her baby as she usually does. I decided to text her the good news.

“Finally! Baby in the bun!”

I clicked sent and waited for her reply.

Fred on the other hand was in the office. He had not accompanied me to the clinic that day. There was an issue with the server that required immediate service. I called him as soon as I left the hospital and told him what the doctor said. He was delighted!

My phone buzzed. It was a text. I looked at it and it was Anne.

“Girl? Are you serious?”

I laughed. I decided to just call her.

“Anne, its true. I’m pregnant.”

“Oh my God! Congratulation dear. You deserve this.”

“Yes I do.”

“How far along are you?”

“I’m at thirteen weeks.”

“Already? But your tummy is still a bit flat.”

“Anne, aren’t you the one who kept on saying I was adding weight a bit fast?” I asked. “Then that’s your answer.”


“No buts Anne. I’m really three months already.”

“This is good news, Kate. We should celebrate.”

“We can organize something then.” I said.

“No, no. We should meet up right away.”

“Right now? Aren’t you working?” I asked a bit shocked at her reaction.

“Its lunch hour Kate. Let’s meet at Jay’s.”

Jay’s was a joint near the end of the main highway where we used to go and get milkshakes. They had the best ones in town. So I dragged my heavy self to the place and found Ann there already. She had even ordered herself a strawberry milkshake.

I leaned in, gave her a big hug then sat down next to her. I ordered a chocolate flavored milkshake. Ann kept pressing my belly a few times till I hit her hand.

“Stop doing that.” I said.

“Sorry.” She said apologizing. “I think I’m so excited with the news.”

“I am too. I hope the journey will be smooth all the way.”

“It will be okay.” She assured me.

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