Drive to Work

The next morning, I woke up at exactly six. I woke Fred up as he is such a heavy sleeper. He never hears the alarm. I went to the bathroom, showered and prepared myself for work. I was feeling so lazy. As Fred was dressing up, I went to the Kitchen and started preparing breakfast. There was no eggs, no bread or juice. I went for the only option available; milk and cereals. I added the bananas that were remaining.

Fred came in after a few minutes and stood at the kitchen counter then asked. “This is what we are having?”


“This looks like an appetizer. I’ll be hungry after a few minutes.”

“Just have that, we can go have coffee later in the office restaurant.” I assured him. “We need to do more shopping in the evening.”

He took the bowl and started eating while standing up. After a few scooping a few spoons of the cereal, he was done.

“Really?” I asked a bit shocked on how he managed to be done in a few minutes.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing.” I said. “Let me finish and we go.”

After I finished my breakfast, I quickly washed up the utensils then I met him in the bedroom. He was wearing his watch. I picked my handbag, looked at the mirror for a minute before we went downstairs to the car park. Fred drove us away.

There was a bit of traffic towards town. Ever since we moved these sides, the distance has been longer meaning we usually leave the house a bit earlier than before. As we sat in the traffic listening the early morning show, I lowered the window next to my side. Big Mistake! As soon as the window was down, the traffic started moving. All the fumes of cars entered into our car. I immediately felt nauseous. I wanted to puke!

“Oh God.” I cried.

“What?” Fred asked getting concerned.

“I’m not feeling well. I need to throw up.”

“No, no, no. Do not puke in the car!” He shouted.

I could not wait until we reached the office. So I quickly went through my bag, got a shopping bag and threw up inside! Not once, not twice but three times! When i finished, I raised my head up and found Fred looking at me with his mouth wide open.

“Man, I can’t believe you just did that. Yuck!”

I looked away as I did not know how to respond to him. I opened up my bag again, found some tissue and wiped my mouth with it. I  dipped the tissue into the now “full’ shopping bag and closed it tightly at the top. I placed it gently on the mat. I could feel Fred’s eyes on me. But I didn’t care, I felt good! I opened the window a bit more and closed my eyes. The breeze was so soothing 🙂

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