The next morning when we woke up, I still could feel the strange feeling of the new house. I had not settled in properly. I even confused took the wrong way to the toilet rather than going to the kitchen!
My in-laws came by later in the evening to see how we were settling in. Fred’s dad took a walk in the entire house and praised us on how well we had filled up the house. He said it felt more “homely”.
His mother, God bless her, she helped me cook her favorite dish – turkey. She was kind enough to show me the way she had made it, and a side dish of some vegetable salad. After it was made, we served it on the dining table that we had never used in the old house. The four of us sat down facing each other before a word of prayer was said by Fred’s mother. She thanked the almighty on the gift of life, the food before us, for keeping us safe and for the needy. She ended up the prayer with a comment on hoping to get a grandkid!
We burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed infront of them especially when the father added that he would like it to be a boy. Fred just smiled.
I served food amid some conversations about general stuff affecting the country. The topic mostly talked about was on politics and international trade. I kept quiet observing the two men engaging in the topics with so much zeal and passion.
My phone, which I had placed on the center table, rang. I excused myself from the rest and picked it. It was Ann.
“Hello.” I answered.
“Hey girl, have you adjusted well in the house?” she asked.
“Yes we have dear. We are even having lunch with the family.”

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