Lunch Pt. 2

“That’s nice. Was wondering if we could get to do swimming later? I have a new place in mind.” Ann asked.
“Where is that?” I asked excitedly.
“Remember that day we took the wrong turn when we wanted to go to the market? I found a good place along that road.”
“Yea, I remember.”
“So are you in?” She asked.
“I would love to go but I have visitors at the moment.”
“It’s alright. Just tell me when you will be free and we can go there. I need to lose this baby fat.” She said.
I laughed.
“Speaking of baby; how is he?”
“He is good. By the way today I got a nanny. I got her from the nanny bureau that Kelly referred me to.”
Kelly was a mutual friend that worked with Ann.
“That’s nice. Is she good so far?”
“It has been just a couple of hours, but she is okay.”
“I am always wary of nannies these days. You can never be sure of their intentions.”
“That was my main concern. I asked that a lot and was even given referrals of where she had previously worked. They all spoke good of her and her ability to bond with kids. So it’s just a matter of watching how she will perform.”
“That’s good. Listen, I have to go but I’ll tell you when we can hook up for swimming.”
I hang up and joined the others at the table.
I found Fred talking loudly on a trip he had taken while young. Seemed an interesting story as they were all laughing loudly. I listened in.
“Catherine, you should be happy you knew Fred as a grownup. He was so cheeky while young.” My mother in law filled me in. “He kept sneaking out of school and going to the other towns so as to ride a bicycle with his friends.”
“He got into so much trouble. He was even arrested once.” His dad added.
“Dad!” Fred said trying to make his dad stop telling it.
“What happened?” I asked.

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