Sam of the Past

Sam greeted us before sitting down to one of the empty chairs near our table. He moved a bit closer and turned to me.
“How have you guys been doing?”
I was silent. I didn’t know if I should reply or not.
Ann looked at me then quickly said “We have been good. What about you?”
“Oh I have been well.” He replied. “I see the baby is turning out to be a handsome young man.”
“Yes he is.”
“That’s good. I am from seeing a friend then decided to so some shopping before I go home.”
My eyes dropped to his feet. Sure enough, there was a small grocery bag placed on the floor. I couldn’t see what was inside.
“Kate, how are things?” he said looking at me now.
“They are good.” I replied.
For those who don’t understand the story, Sam was my ex-boyfriend just before I got together with Fred. He was a good guy then but he changed and become a bit of a stalker. He was acting good to me infront of people but creepy when I was together with him. He always wanted us to get back together.
Ann pinched me below the table. I turned at her and saw her winking at me. She then pouted her lips pointing them to Sam. I realized she wanted me to look at him. I turned and saw him busy with his phone. He was texting. I returned my gaze to Ann and she whispered on how good he was looking.
I nodded. He was looking good. He was wearing white shorts, white tee and some black loafers. He was also wearing police sun glasses to shield him from the hot sun.  
“Sorry guys for checking on my phone. I had to reply a client of mine.” He said.
“Its okay.” Ann said.
“I have to leave now. It was really nice meeting you.”
And just like that, he was gone. This is the first time in a very long time that he had behaved this well. Most of the time he was so annoying that he had gotten into fights with Fred. Maybe he had changed!
Ann and I finished our drinks, paid and left the store. Our drive back was a bit slow because of the traffic that had built up on the highway because of an accident between a SUV and a truck. It was nasty. Hopefully no one was hurt.

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