Home Away From Home

Fred suddenly touched my face and wiped my left cheek. I was crying without even knowing it! The pain of losing your things in a fire was too much for me. Even though the house was not all destroyed by the fire, I knew we had lost valuable items. Starting again was going to be tough for us.
I felt a hand grab my shoulders. I turned around and saw that it was Mike. He hugged me whispering slowly that everything will be okay. I thanked him before he walked with Fred to the barrier that had been put on to prevent us from getting near the building. I could see them trying to talk to one of the officers on site but he kept on shaking his head. I knew we had a lost whatever they were trying to have. They turned back shaking their heads too. Fred had already inserted his hands in his trouser pockets.
Mike came and suggested we spend a night at his place since we had no other option. The building was now a no go zone as investigations were already taking place. Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire. We walked slowly to his place and found Ann sitting in front of the television trying to sooth the baby to sleep. She jumped up when she saw us asking a lot of questions about what happened. I didn’t know what to say other than hugging her and crying over her shoulder. I cried for a while before sitting down with her. By this time, Fred had already found a comfortable part of the house and started watching the telly with Mike! Men really amaze me!
Ann and I left them alone and went to help her prepare for us somewhere to sleep in the extra bedroom in her house after the baby had gone to sleep. Ann and Mike were living in a two bedroom house which was fortunate for us as we didn’t have to sleep on the couch. We changed the sheets and she gave me some t-shirts for us to sleep in. I took a bath and went to bed. Fred joined me later in the night.
I don’t think I had slept for long before I was awoken by the sounds of the baby crying. He really cried for sometime despite the efforts of Ann trying to make him stop. I couldn’t go back to sleep I walked to the sitting area and tried to help her with the baby. After doing rounds for almost an hour, the baby went back to sleep. I was exhausted! I couldn’t imagine Ann had to do this every night.
“He sure is a loud mouth.” I said after we took the baby to his cot.
“Yes. He is loud.” Ann replied adjusting the sheets on the cot.
“And Mike? How does he handle the baby at night?”
“Oh that one. He never seems to notice the noise. He sleeps throughout the episode.”
“Huh?” I asked a bit shocked.
“True. He has never woken up because of baby cries, unless you wake him up first!”
“Jeez!” I exclaimed.

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