Lunch Date

Next day at work around ten o’clock, someone delivered a whole bouquet of flowers. They were white lilies. There was a small card attached and on it. I picked it up and saw that it was addressed to me. It only said “I’m sorry”. It didn’t have the senders name but I knew it was Fred.
Excitedly, I called Fred to thank him for the flowers.
“Fred, thanks so much for the surprise!”
“The flowers! They are so beautiful!”
“Oh that! It was a way of saying sorry to you again.”
“Thank you.” I replied almost tearing up.
“You welcome. Kate, do you think we can do lunch today?” he asked.
“Yes, no problem. Just call around 12.40pm.”
“Okay. See you soon.”
“Bye.” I said and hang up.
The reason I was so excited was because Fred had actually only given me flowers once since we started dating. He wasn’t a big fan of the whole flowers thing. He preferred other means of showing he cared. This time round, I was impressed.
At exactly 12.40pm as I had requested, Fred gave me a call. We met near the entrance of the office and together, we went downtown to KFC. I was really craving good fried chicken. We ordered and while we waited for our order, we sat down on one of the tables near the window. Fred held my hands on the table and looked at me. He smiled.
“What?” I asked curiously.
“Remember the time we used to come here while still back in college? You used to like seating over there?” he said pointing to the front of the restaurant with his left hand.
I smiled when memories of that came alive.
“Together with Mike and crew, we used to always disturb you while you and your girlfriends ate. You used to hate us.” He continued.
“Oh my God! You remember all the details?” I asked a bit surprised.
“I do.”

Just then, our orders came and we started indulging in the meat.

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