Retail Therapy

I was out of the office by 4.45pm. It was a long day for me and needed something to excite me. I decided to go shopping. I went to the downtown shops where clothes were a bit cheap. The massive pile of clothes shocked me. It also hit me hard of how the fashion had changed. I was so used to wearing official clothes during the week and shorts on the weekends that I forgot to update myself on the changing market trends.
I found some really good jeggings (apparently these were a combination of leggings and jeans). When I tried them on, it was so comfortable and light enough for me to walk comfortably in them. The prints on some of them were so beautiful! I bought three of them. One in black, the other in was in tribal prints and the other was blue with white stripes near the waist. I also managed to get a good deal on the sheer blouses.
It was dark already so I went back home. Fred was in the house watching the television. I sat on the couch and checked on what he was watching. It was the show “1000 Ways to Die.” I laughed out loud.
He looked around and asked. “What’s so funny?”
“You hate this programme. What makes it special today?”
“Nothing…just bored.” He replied and switched channels to CNN where they were reporting on the Syria.
“Let me go cook.” I said while walking towards the kitchen.
“There is some food in the microwave.” He shouted.
I was surprised. “You cooked?”
“Kind of. I got home a bit early. Thought you would do so also at least we talk a bit.”
“Well, I’m here now. Let me freshen up. Ill be back in a few.”
I went to the bedroom where I placed my bag on the bed and proceeded to place my new clothes on the closet. I jumped into the shower. The warm water was so inviting. I stood under the shower for a few minutes before lathering myself up. I came out, wrapped a robe and went to the kitchen. I opened up the microwave and saw noodles and meat stew. So this is what he had prepared? I heated it up then went to where Fred was.
He was watching CSI now. I started eating my dish while watching but he switched off the telly.
“So, can we talk?” he asked.
“Yea, no problem.” I replied.
“Once again, I wanted to apologize for my behavior last night. I didn’t mean to hurt you although it was a bit stupid of me.”
I didn’t reply mostly because I had food in my mouth.
“It won’t happen again.”
“Its okay…it’s all good.” I replied.
“Really?” He asked again as if not sure.
“I have forgiven you.”
“Thank you, thank you!” he shouted clapping his hands. “I promise I won’t do it again.”
“You better not.” I said. I guess the retail therapy really helped me calm down.

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