New Year’s

On New Year’s, I got a little surprise. My mum came by the house. She had not called ahead to tell us. We heard the door knock and there she was, smiling while carrying two large grocery bags.
“Mum, what are you doing here” I heard Fred say after opening the door.
“I came to visit you two people.” She replied and entered the house.
I stood up and hugged her.
“Happy New Year!!” She shouted.
“Happy New Year!” We both responded.
She then too the bags to the kitchen. We were left with dazzled looks.
“Do you think she is okay?” Fred asked looking concerned.
I shrugged my shoulders and sat down.
Soon after, she came back with three glasses filled with fresh juice. We didn’t have any left so she must have served us what she had brought. She served us and sat down at one of the corner chairs still smiling.
“Mum, you shouldn’t have done all this.” I said.
“No problem. I thought it would be a nice surprise to visit you.” She replied then took a gulp.
“Are you okay mum? You don’t act usual.”
“Yea, I am. We should all celebrate as today is a new year.”
As soon as she said celebrate, something clicked.
“Are you tipsy?” I asked.
She laughed the answered. “I just took a small glass of wine.”
“Really?” I asked again. “How can one glass make you behave like this?”
“You ask to many questions Catherine. Fred, how are you doing?”
“I’m good…we have been good.” Fred answered.
“Good.” She answered. “Do you have a bottle of red wine?”
I was taken aback. Since when was she drinking this heavy? There must be some issues that she has been dealing with.
“Mama, is everything okay with you?” I asked.
“No mum. I have never seen you drinking this heavy.”
“Catherine, I just want to celebrate the day. What is wrong with that?” she asked.
“Nothing mum. I am sorry.”
“Then go get me a glass…and bring some snacks. I am hungry!”
I went to the kitchen and wiped the wine glass before serving her red wine. As I was preparing, Fred came to the kitchen and hugged me. He could feel that I was not happy with the way things were. I was so concerned about her.
“Baby, do you think maybe she is missing your dad? She is celebrating the New Year alone without him and she might want to just forget that.” Fred said.
“Oh my God! That could be the reason! How could I not see that?”
“Just don’t be too hard on her baby. Let her do as she wishes.”

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