Case of the Ex Again?

We went back home in silence. The reality of seeing someone close to you suffer the disease was too much. I was glad that she was in high spirits despite the stress of the disease.
I was seated backseat on the left side of the car on our way back. The journey was smooth all the way except little traffic on the main junction of the highway to the city. The car stereo was on the R n B and Hip-hop play list which we moved our head to. Mike drove the car straight to his place and we all went upstairs. Ann and I got busy in the kitchen trying to make some delicious food for the two and a half men.
“You think we should cook the chicken pieces with rice?” Ann asked looking at the chicken in the freezer.
“Yea, we can coat it with some bread cramps then deep fry it.” I replied.
“You should do it. I am not familiar with that method.” Ann said handing me the chicken pieces.
“Okay, you do the rice and the soup.”
The food was ready in about an hour then we served. The baby was still on his mother’s breast milk so there was no much hustling for his food. Ann took him to the other room to breastfeed him first before joining us and we ate the dinner in front of the television. We were watching the ‘Crossed Lines” series.
“Damn, did she have to die?” Mike shouted banging his glass on the table.
I was a bit shocked so I quickly asked who.
“Her. Why did the bastard kill her?” Mike said pointing to the screen.
He was actually talking about the part of the episode where the blonde chick was killed by the serial killer. It was a bit unexpected but Mike was reacting too much. We all looked at each other and laughed.
“Baby, it’s just a program. You don’t have to be all worked up.” Ann said to Mike patting his back
“Yea, yea.” Mike said flipping his hands.
We watched about three episodes before Fred and I left to our apartment. It was still early but we needed some rest following the trip to see Pete and his lovely wife Angela. As soon as we reached home, we all headed to the bedroom where we all sat down on the bed while undressing.
My phone started ringing. It was still in my handbag so I stretched over and picked it up. Sam was the one calling. I ignored it. It rang again and Fred looked at me funny. I picked it up and hang the call.
“Kate, why don’t you pick the call?” He asked.
“It’s someone I don’t want to talk to.” I said and went ahead to change into something a robe before taking a shower.
We didn’t speak again about the subject. I was nervous about Fred finding about Sam calling me. How would he react? Sam was my past boyfriend and things didn’t end well between us when we were still together. He had made several moves to me a few months ago and even had an altercation with Fred but he was so persistent!

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