Women Talk

I heard a knock on my door.
I went and answered it and Ann was there with her baby on her arms.
“Welcome guys, nice surprise!” I said ushering them inside.
Ann sat on the chair next to the door and placed the boy next to her still covered in the shawl. She then stood up and we hugged each other.
“I didn’t expect to see you out of the house so soon.” I said.
“I thought so too but I was getting bored alone.” She answered. “Mike is not at home at the moment. I think he went to watch the football match.”
“Yea, Fred told me he was also going. I think they are together.”
“So how have you been?” She asked. “It has been long since I saw you.”
“I have been good but work has driving me crazy but in general its okay.” I replied. “What about you and the baby?”
“I am okay except having sleepless nights. He has been crying all through the night for no good reason.”
“I’m sorry about that. Is he okay?”
“Yes he is. I was so worried about him that I took him to the clinic to be checked. The doctors said he was healthy. He was irritable at night since he spends the whole day sleeping.”
“Oh yea, that can be a good reason but how are you going to change his sleeping pattern?”
“I try to reduce his sleeping hours during the day by keeping him busy. So far I have managed with only two hours so I hope with time it will work out.”
“I hope so too. By the way, may I hold him?” I asked.
“”I can see he is starting to notice people. His eyes are fixated on you.” I said after watching the baby for a while.
Ann laughed. “He does that especially with his father.”
We spent the next hour or so chatting up about our husbands, gossiping and finally watching an episode of “Devious Maids”. That series is really getting my attention. Since it was already around six in the evening, we started preparing dinner and the baby’s food. We feed him and sang to him before he slept again.  Us ladies were left to enjoy the night away chatting up.

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