Back to the work environment, we were almost closing the year. Normally, the year ends around December where we finalize most of the clients’ accounts and prepare for the new financial year. For this reason, we were really busy organizing and sorting out documents in our department. I was to go through everyone’s file, notice the work done, absenteeism and other disciplinary actions that were taken on the staff. This was to be done early enough since by middle of December, the company would have closed until next year.
Mrs. Wright was back from her ‘holiday’ and had already set the office rolling. She was one struck and meticulous lady. Everything had to be done in the proper way. But it was all good, we had to work anyways. Since she came, we had two meetings with her. One with the whole staff which we later on had lunch together. The second one was with the heads of departments in which I had to go since I took over the role of the HR.
Fred’s department on the other hand was going through buying and servicing their machines and server. It had to be done right and also before end of the year. The finance department was clearing the cash and keeping some aside for miscellaneous and bonus at the end of the year. Our internet had been having issues for a while and we were advised to change the router and check into the network cables.
Ann’s baby was all grown up. I had visited her and her mum the other day and he was big! The baby really resembled his father. The facial features were noticeable. The mum too was doing okay. Her body was getting back to what it was before the baby. Her face glowed every time she talked about her beautiful family.

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