Lady in the Mirror

I woke up and peeped through the bed sheets and looked around the room. Fred was still sleeping on his side of the bed in a foetal position facing the other side. The sun rays had already penetrated into the room through the windows. I moved my head to the left and checked the clock on my side of the bed. It was seven fifteen in the morning. Damn, I didn’t want to wake up that early on a Sunday morning.
I was pressed so I woke up and went to the washroom. My nightdress was a little black lingerie that Fred had bought for me last year during valentines. When I reached in the toilet, I lifted up the dress, pulled down the panty and sat on the toilet seat. I almost stood up again when my warm skin touched the toilet bowl. It was freezing! I did my business and went to the sink to wash my hands.
I looked up and saw myself on the mirror. I was looking so messed up. My hair was shaggy and my face looked like it had not been applied moisturizer for over a week. I quickly made my hair and washed my face before applying some oil on my face. I didn’t want Fred to wake up and find me looking like a zombie. I smiled at the lady on the mirror knowing what crazy ideas she had.  I tip toed back to the bedroom and covered myself with the duvet and moved closer to where Fred was sleeping.
The bed was warm and his body so inviting. I covered myself to my face then lifted up my left hand and caressed his back for a little while before moving to his chest. He didn’t move. So I moved on his upper body and went to his ears. He was always so sensitive on that part of the body so he twitched before asking me what I was doing.
“What are you upto?” he whispered as if there were people in the room.
“Nothing.” I quickly replied.
I didn’t stop. I was feeling very generous today and wanted to share this with him. It had been a few days since we engaged in proper coitus. I moved my hands from his face and took it down below, way down. He was wearing a boxer so I inserted my hands inside. He quickly responded and knew it was working.
By this time, I had moved so close to him. My body was already ready for him. He finally changed positions from the way he was sleeping and turned to face me. He looked deep into my eyes for a few seconds before placing his big right hand on my face. He shifted my face to him and kissed me. He did it again then moved his hands to explore my body.
“You wanna get freaky?” he whispered to my ears.

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