Royal fever

I don’t know about you but I have been following up the Royals story. Ever since Kate got engaged with Prince William, I have been living on fantasy world. I mean, how many females can have so much luck like Kate? A simple commoner ending up with the Prince just as we have been dreaming of ever since we were little girls from reading fairy tales. They got married almost two years ago and seemed to have the best of marriages.
Last week, they were blessed with a beautiful baby boy and the media has gone crazy with the news.  I mean, who wouldn’t? I know sometimes the attention can be too much but what the hell? Who cares? It was on a Saturday reading one of those tabloid magazines which is filled with pictures from the day William and Kate went to the hospital to the presentation of the baby to the world. The pictures were really beautiful.
“Hey, so what’s new with the celebrities?” Fred asked sitting next to me. He was from the barbers.
“Same old…but there are pictures of the new baby William and Kate had.” I replied showing him the magazine.
“Oh, let me see.” He said taking the magazine and scrutinizing the pictures.
“Has Kate already had the baby in this one?” he asked pointing to one showing them holding the baby on the steps of the hospital.
“Yes, can’t you see the child?” I replied.                       
“And how comes she has a big tummy?” he asked looking confused.
I laughed. Fred cannot be this shallow.
“The stomach does not immediately go ‘flat’ once you give birth. It takes time.” I explained to him.
“Huh? But the baby is already out, what is in there?”
“Fred, really?” I said getting tired of his silly questions.
“But..” he started.
“You won’t understand. It’s a bit complicated.” I said.
My phone buzzed. It was my mother on the line. I answered the phone and talked to her. She was checking up on me since it has been weeks since my surgery. I assured her I was better and had even gone for a follow up and everything was fine. She was doing fine too and she had finally moved to the city. Although I had reservations on her moving her, it was going to do her good as she would be busy and be able to connect with her relatives more easily.

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