After Surgery

It was all blurry when I woke up. The light above the bed was so bright that I couldn’t help keep my eyes open. I closed them for a minute before I heard a voice whispering to me. The voice called out my name again and I opened my eyes. Was I dreaming? No…
This time, the voice was so much louder. I turned my head to the left and tried to open my eyes more. I followed the voice and saw my mum. She sat on a chair next to me and smiled when I looked at her.  She stretched her hand and felt my forehead.
“Welcome back my child.” She whispered and gave me a kiss on the face.
I smiled back sheepishly.
I looked at the room where I was in. White ceiling, white walls, a drape, a T.V at one corner of the room and some flowers on the table near the bed is what I could notice.  I didn’t see what I was looking for. I looked at my mum once again and she seemed to understand what I wanted.
“Fred is coming any moment now. He has gone to the washrooms.” She said patting my hand that was accessorized with a syringe connected to some machines.
At that very moment, the door opened and Fred walked in carrying two coffee cups. He was surprised to see me awake. He quickly put down the drinks on the table and came to the bed where he tried to hug me but it was so awkward. I tried raising myself up to hug him properly but I felt excruciating pain in my stomach so I slanted back.
“Are you okay baby?” Fred asked.                   
“Ouch!” I shouted.
“I’m so sorry. Can we call the doctor?” Mum asked nervously.
“No, it’s okay.” I said trying not to raise the alarm despite the pain. I put my hand inside the gown and touched my stomach. There was a huge bandage placed near my bikini area.
“How are you feeling?” Fred asked.
“Sleepy.” I answered.
“That’s from the medicine from the surgery. You will get over it soon.” He added.
“I thought you were not going to make it.” I said.
“I’m so sorry. Traffic was a mess coming here but I tried my best.”
“Thank you.”  I said “And mum, thanks for your help.”
You are welcome my baby.” She replied.

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