The Visit to See Mum

That weekend, I drove to my mother’s house. This was actually the first time I was driving the car that we had received as a present by my father in law. Fred was always the one behind the wheel. The drive was smooth although I stopped on the highway on a shopping center to grab some snacks.
My mother was by the front of the house. She was on her favorite rocking chair with a woman’s pregnant magazine on her laps. When she saw me, she ran to where I packed the car and gave me a big hug.
“Hey mama.” I said.
“Hey baby, welcome home.”
She ushered me to the house and offered me a cup of tea. We always had this little tradition of having tea or coffee in those little English cups; the ones that comes with a saucer. It always made us feel a bit high class…without the accent!
The décor in the house had been changed. Most of the pictures that had been hanged on the walls had been removed. I guess she wanted to remove some of dad’s photos. Even the couch that was always by the fire-place too had been moved to the window. It really looked cool and showed how the old style was outdated.
Back to my mother, she looked all well although I couldn’t figure out what she wanted to talk about. She had on a black linen trousers and a white blouse. She was fabulous. As we sipped on more tea, I asked her what the issue was.
“Mum, what is it?” I asked.
“Nothing is wrong my dear. I wanted to have an important conversation with you since you have to know.”
“What?” I asked nervously.
“I had talked to your brother earlier and told him I wanted to move closer to the city.”
“Like to visit or moving permanently?” I asked.
“Like in moving permanently.” She answered while pouring herself another cup of tea.
“What? But why mum?”
“Your dad is not here anymore my child. This house is too big for me and I am lonely. Most of my friends have careers, I have none.”
“Oh mum!” I sighed.
“I was thinking I rent this place up and go get a smaller house in the city. I’ll be closer to your aunts and you guys.”
“It’s not a bad idea mum but will you manage the change?”
“I think I’ll manage.” She replied.
“I am not really for the idea but I’ll support you in whatever decision you make mum, I know it must have been hard for you being alone.”
“Thank you Catherine.”

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