Dreaded News

As we waited for the test results, I felt cold. I was not able to feel my fingers. I was nervous and couldn’t keep still. I tried to be calm without much success so I began pacing across the room. I guess the walking around was a bit annoying for my mother as she asked me to sit down.
The doctor finally called us to his office and broke the dreaded news. I had an ectopic pregnancy. For those who don’t know, Ectopic pregnancy is a complication whereby the embryo implants itself in the lining of the fallopian tube. In my case, the embryo had implanted itself in the left fallopian tube.
“Is that why I was in so much pain?” I asked the doctor after recovering from the initial shock.
“Yes. You can experience pain in the lower abdomen, pain while urinating and in the worst condition, it can cause bleeding which can result into death.” He said.
“What?” I asked. “Am I alright?”            
“Yes, you are in a better place since we have managed to detect it early. We will have to terminate the pregnancy to avoid complications that come with it.”
“Oh my….” I whispered.
“What causes it?” my mum asked.
“Well, it can be caused by different things like smoking in women, use of IUD, pelvic inflammatory diseases among others.”
“But I don’t use or have any of them.” I quickly added.
“I’m so sorry but for now we have to deal with the situation at hand. We have to think of ways to make you well. We can set up surgery as soon as possible.”
“And will I be able to be a mum one day?” I asked tears streaming down my face.
“Yes you will. After the surgery we will show you ways to help you give birth without complications.” He said holding my hand.
I looked at my mother and I could see the pain in her eyes. She was trying to be strong for me. I was almost breaking down now. The doctors gave us a few minutes by stepping outside and I got a chance to cry. I cried out loud. Why was this happening to me? My mother held me close and let me cry.

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