The next day, Ann’s mother came. She was really excited to meet her grandson. She couldn’t stop staring at him via the glass at the nursery. The baby had changed so much. He was looking healthier than when he arrived just a few hours ago. He had gained a few pounds and the doctors were happy. It meant he survived the worst of times.
Fred and I made sure to visit them each day after work. Mike had taken a leave from his work to be able to tend to his wife and kid. He was there for each moment. He didn’t want to miss anything. Ann really appreciated his efforts.
After about three weeks, Ann was finally able to take his son home. The doctors gave the go ahead after Brad gained a good amount of weight and showed no health issues. Ann on the other hand, was healthy and excited to have the baby with her. With Mike and Fred’s help, we decorated the house and cooked some food to welcome mother and baby home. Her parents were going to join us in welcoming the baby. It was unfortunate that Mike’s parents had travelled out of town for business at the time but they promised to come later on to visit and see the grandson.
Mike drove Ann to the house at exactly 2pm. She was really happy to see us all. On her hands, she was holding the precious bundle. She handed the baby over to her mother who in turn was so thankful. She started swinging the baby immediately. Her eyes started to water as she looked at the boy. I grabbed Ann and led her to the sofa.
“How are you feeling?” I asked.
“Very excited. Finally I can bring the baby home!” she replied.
“I can tell. Would you like a drink?” I asked showing her a jug of blended fruits.
“Yes please.”
I poured her a glass and offered the others too. We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to Ann’s mother stories of her experiences in raising kids. It was lovely to hear how babies can change someone’s life. She was giving an example of Ann and how she brought her and her husband closer. I looked at Ann’s dad face and could see him smiling. True, babies are a blessing to our lives.

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