Brad is here!

I don’t know if it’s me alone or does anybody else notice that newly born kids all look alike? Most babies I have seen after they had been born all looked like potatoes! This was so different! He was really cute with big cheeks! Fred, Mike and I were all looking through the glass mirror to the kids’ nursery. We were not allowed to enter so we watched the kids sleeping in the beds with little name tags attached. The other kids in the incubator were not as many so they were all spread across the room near the walls. We were lucky to be able to see Ann and Mike’s baby. He was lying peacefully in the incubator right near the window that we were standing at.
“So, have you thought about a name yet?” I asked Mike.
“We had a couple of names selected but we had not chosen one yet.” He answered putting his hand on the window as if to pat the child.
“Ann will have to decide on the name of this handsome one.” He added. “She deserves to choose.”
“Congratulations man.” Fred said patting Mike on the back. “This is really big!”
“I know! I still can’t believe it yet that the baby is here! I thought he would come later on.” Mike replied.             
“Yea, most of us were thinking we had a few more weeks to see him. What did your parents say?”
“Oh shit! I haven’t called them.” Mike exclaimed. “Where is my phone?”
He searched his trouser pockets but he couldn’t find the gadget. He touched his breast pocket and found it. He quickly dialed his father and broke the good news to his family. He was so happy conveying the message. Next, he called Ann’s family and informed them. Her mum promised to come over the next day.
After a while, we had to go home. Ann and the baby needed to catch on some rest. This was also a good opportunity for Mike to grab some clean clothes for Ann. The ones she had on were soiled with blood as we were driving her to the hospital. Fred and I dropped Mike at his place then went home. I was so tired that I simply collapsed on the bed. My eyes were so heavy but I couldn’t help smile. The baby was here! No complications, no nothing! Ann was healthy as one could ever wish. On the other hand, the surprise coming of the baby meant change of plans. No more planning on how to prepare him to the world. He was here already. I wonder what they would name him.
“Do you want anything to eat?” I heard Fred shout from the kitchen.
“No, not really. A glass of warm milk would do.” I replied.
Early next morning, I received a short text from Ann. It simply said:-
            To an aunt who deserves applause, thank you so much. From Mike, Ann and Baby Brad.
Fred received a message also from Ann thanking him for what we had done. They were really excited about baby Brad.

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