Morning After

I know most of you are wondering why I made that hasty decision to forgive Fred. It was quick. Honestly, I missed him. I missed my best friend. I wanted my marriage to work and not be brought down by that issue. I remember the advices my mum and aunties gave me before the wedding. They told me, marriage is work in progress. It’s an institution that is meant to be worked on between two people and most of the time we won’t agree on something. I had to be patient for my marriage to work and that is what I am doing; but this does not mean I will take shit from him.
The day after Valentines, we chose to go for dinner at a local restaurant. It was a start on giving the relationship the boost it needed. It was Fred who gave the idea and together, we dressed up and enjoyed the night. I wore a red short dress while he was dressed in black. It was romantic all right. The candles, the reserved table made me so happy. When we went back home, I gave my all to him. My body was yearning for him. The kisses ignited my flames and I kissed him back hard. His large arms cupped my waist and lifted me off the floor to the bed. The clothes came off quickly and together we made love. It was slow but pleasurable. It was just what I needed.
The next morning, I was woken up by Fred when he called my name. I opened up my eyes and saw him with a tray. Breakfast was arranged and he placed it by the bed.
“Morning honey.” He said and kissed me on the forehead.
“Morning.” I replied while smiling. “This is a nice surprise.”
“I thought you would like it.” He replied.
“Yes I do.  Thank you very much.”
I took a bit on the cereal. I looked up to Fred and found him watching me. I giggled. I was blushing.
“What?” I asked covering my mouth with my left hand.
“You really are beautiful.” He said.         
“You had a good night?” he asked.
“Yes I did.” I replied. “And you made it happen.”
We both laughed.
“I had a great night too. I had really missed you.”  He said.
We continue speaking sweet nothings to each other until I finished my breakfast. I got up then decided to go take a shower. Fred got a little naughty and decided to follow me to the bathroom. His morning boner was already up. We had a couple of minutes to ourselves getting a dose of morning sex before dressing up. This set me up on a good mood for that day. I couldn’t stop smiling.  

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