On the second day after we returned from my parents, I did some cleaning at the apartment. The house had gathered some dust since we left and some clothes needed to be washed. Fred had already left the house to go and meet his pal from work in town. I was so happy when he left. I needed some time to myself too. After I was done with the chores, I prepared some salad and ate it.
I looked over at the clock hanging on the wall. It was 2pm. I was bored. I didn’t have any new movies in the house so I just relaxed on the couch while listening to music. I picked up my phone and went through my twitter account. After I was done, I decided to call Ann and see what she was doing. Maybe we could spend some time with each other.
“Hey Ann.”  I said over the phone.
“Hey dear, how are you?” Ann responded.
“I’m doing okay.” I replied.                        
“What are you doing?” She asked.
“I am so bored. Fred left the house to go see a colleague from work and I don’t have anything else to do.”
“I also have nothing to do. Mind if we go shopping?”
“Yes, that would be a great idea.” I replied.
“Cool! Then get ready and meet me at my apartment.”
I quickly had a shower then wore a funky top with some skinny jeans. As I was leaving the house, I noticed the keys to the new car. Fred had not left with it. I picked them up and drove to Ann’s house with the new car. How else could I enjoy the present if I don’t do a drive in it? I texted her and she came down the stairs towards where I was standing.
“Wow, nice car!” She shouted.
“Yea, it was the gift that I was telling you about.”
“It is a beautiful car.” She added. “Are we going shopping with it?”
“Yea, get it.”
We drove to town and got a place where we could park the car. We alighted and started walking towards the business district. Ann was in a purple dress top with some black tights. She had on some ballet shoes. Her belly was really huge. It seemed that she always looked different every time I saw her.
“So give me the whole story.” Ann said.
“What story?” I asked.
“What happened between you and Fred?” she asked.
“Oh that. A lot happened.” I replied.
“Details please?”
As I recounted the story to her on what went on, I felt the pain again. Ann was also making weird expressions with her now fat face of disapproval. I had put on a strong face trying to pretend nothing happened but talking about it now made it seem it had happened.
“I’m so sorry Kate.” Ann said patting me on my back.
“Sometimes men act silly at times. We just have to be strong to take it all.”
We entered the first shop and started looking at the clothes hang up. Most of the clothes here were for expectant mothers so Ann got a little overjoyed on seeing this. She tried a few dresses. I suggested she takes the black and white dress. It fitted her better and could accommodate her growing belly. She agreed and paid for the dress.
We did several rounds at the shops and I also managed to get a black pencil skirt. After about three hours, we went to have a snack at one of the several eateries. The day was really beautiful. The sun was just disappearing on the horizon. It was the cue for us. We needed to get home.

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