Back to the City

It was time for us to go back home. I have come to hate the month of January! It seems to be always there to remind us of the life we had before the holidays. I had so much fun and drama that it would take time for me to adjust well to work. Fred and I were to report to work the following week.  It was good for us to leave now, as it would give us enough time to rest.
We left our home the next day at around ten o’clock in the morning. My brother and his family had already left at around seven o’clock since he was to report back to work the following day. We loaded our stuff in the car and started driving away. I looked back and saw my mum waving us away. I couldn’t help but feel sad. Her face told a sad story. She was smiling so hard but you could tell she was just forcing it. She was going to be all alone again. With dad not around to keep her company, she really needed us around but we were married away. I made a point to talk to her more often.
Our drive back was so weird. Fred and I spoke so little during our drive back home. I didn’t have much to say to him. He kept on glancing at me through the rear view mirror. It was as if he wanted to say something but he shut it down. I ignored him. As we stopped at a stopover along the way, I went and bought sodas for both of us as he fueled the car. I gave him his soda.
“Thanks.” He said as he received the soda.                                                    
I didn’t respond.  The drive took another two hours before we arrived back at our apartment. As Fred unloaded the bags from the trunk, I went up the stairs and opened the door for him. The house was a mess! Some of my stuff was still on the couch as I had left them when we were leaving to our parents. I went directly to the bedroom and placed my handbag on the bed. As I returned to the other room, I found bags placed on the floor. Fred had dumped them near the door and returned to get the last one. I moved them to the bedroom and started unpacking the clothes. We hadn’t done any laundry since we travelled. I separated the clothes and soaked some of them to be washed a bit later.
By this time, Fred had already come back to the apartment with the other bag. He carried it to the bedroom then came and stood next to me.
“The new car is already here.” Fred said showing me the car key.
“Oh, that’s nice. I thought it was going to be brought next week or something.” I replied. We were talking about the car that we got as a Christmas present.
“I had told my parents on when we were returning to the city so I guess they sent it over today.” He replied.
“Cool. Now we don’t have to keep on hiring a car when we go somewhere.”
“Yes. Anyway, let me shower.” He said walking into the bathroom.
 I decided to start preparing lunch since I was already hungry. I checked the fridge. There were some meatballs and minced meat on the freezer section and some packets of juice on the lower section. I decided to cook pasta and meatballs. I was too tired to cook something that would take longer.  

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