New Year

At around nine o’clock, my brother, his wife, Fred and I decided to town to have some fun. We all took squeezed into the car that we came with and drove to town. We entered one of the bars that was a bit full and sat on the chairs on the balcony. We ordered some beers and talked over the music that was playing. As time went by, more and more people came into the bar and it was full to capacity. I guess most of them had the idea to party away the New Year.
I went to the dance floor with my sister in law and we danced to the music. The house music being played was so inviting. The last time I danced like this was way before Anne got pregnant. How times change! One thing I noticed is that there were more mature people in the club. We didn’t get to hear any fights or arguments come up at the time we were there. This was so different from the city clubs where you get to meet different characters.
We kept on dancing but returning to the table to have sips of our drink. Fred and my brother seemed to bond well over beer so we let them be. Just then, the DJ stopped the music and announced that we were almost about to start the countdown to the New Year. We returned quickly to the dance floor and started counting the seconds with the other club goers. As we approached two seconds to go, Fred and my brother joined us and we ushered in the New Year. Hugs went around even to some people we didn’t know. I was glad I got the chance to celebrate this year. Most people like my dad did not have a chance to see it.
We went home at the break of dawn. It was really funny as we left the club just as the morning light was starting to come out. I was tired! I had danced the whole night and I was too drunk. As soon as I got to the bed, I just threw myself on it. I didn’t even think of changing. I just crawled in and slept.
My phone vibrated next to my ear and woke me up. I looked at the screen. It was Anne. I sat on the bed before answering it.
“Happy New Year!”  She screamed.                
“Happy New Year to you too!” I replied sounding like a drunk.
 “Are you okay? You sound like you are being chocked.” She asked.
“Yea, am okay. I’m just having a bad hangover.”
“Seemed like you had a blast yesterday!”
“We went to one of the bars and ushered in the year.”
“Glad you had fun! I was home; too pregnant to go anywhere!”
I laughed.
“I can’t wait to give birth. I’m tired.” She added.
“Just hold on dear. Just two more months!
“That’s feels like eternity!” She replied. “I have to go now and help cook with my mom.”
“Huh? What time is it?”
“It’s one o’clock!”                                                    
“Oh shit!” I cursed.
“You need to wake up!” she said. “Anyways, talk to you later.”
“Okay, talk to you later!” I replied and hang up.
I looked over and saw Fred still sleeping. He was sleeping face up, his mouth a bit open and his legs spread across the bed. Near his chest, I saw his iphone. Something in me clicked. I could as well check out his phone now. I slowly took the phone and checked out his last received and dialed call. The list was erased! I went to his message inbox and got a three text messages that were from a lady I didn’t know. One of the messages was asking Fred to go online while the other two asked him what he was doing. I went to the outbox folder and looked. He had replied to each of the messages in a very suggestive manner. My heart skipped a beat! Was she the one who kept calling him? I looked again at the number.  It was the same number that he was talking to lately. I returned his phone to where it was and went to the bathroom. I needed to cry.

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