Christmas Night

“You two love birds…” Fred’s mom called on us. “Come inside.”
We quickly went inside the house. We were outside admiring the new car that we had just received.
“Catherine, the family has invited some guests who would be here from seven. We had invited some close friends and family members to have dinner with us for Christmas. It will be a formal occasion so please go and prepare. We only have an hour left.” She added.
I was a bit shocked. I didn’t know that we were expecting guests. I looked up at Fred and he had the same look on his face as me. I guess the memo passed him too. I grabbed his hand and we dashed into our rooms.
“I didn’t know we were having guests.” I asked him. “I didn’t even carry a beautiful dress for this dinner.”
“I’m surprised too.”                               
“So what do we do?” I asked.
“We have no choice. I hope it will be a short dinner affair.” Fred replied. “Don’t worry dear. It will be fine.”
I checked my luggage looking for something suitable for me to wear. All my clothes were not that formal. I decided to go with a back short dress I had and top it off with some laid back jewelry. Fred decided to go with a white shirt and black trousers. As he was ironing his shirt, I switched on my phone and a bunch of text messages came in. Most of them were from my relatives and work mates while two was from Ann and Mike. My mum had left a voice message. I listened to it and some sadness came over me. She said she was having a good time with her grandkids and wanted to wish me the best Christmas. This was her first Christmas without dad. Dad had just passed on a few months ago and this was so sad to our family but she suffered the most. I decided to call her. She was so happy when she heard my voice. I told her I was going to see her soon and she prayed for a safe journey.
The guests streamed in slowly but by seven, most of them were in the house. They were about ten. The servants ensured they had a glass of champagne as they waited for food. I was able to recognize some of the guests from the wedding. I said hi as we mingled. I then went to the corner and tried to be invisible but it was not working out. I was glad when we sat down for dinner. A lot that was being said was a bit strange so I kept silent and concentrated on the food. After dinner, the guest went back to the lounge area where they kept on talking. I walked out of the house and stood at the balcony to get some fresh air. Fred joined me later.
“Let’s go out to the fields.”             
We walked around the house to the back yard. Fred’s sibling was all alone on the logs lighting up a fire. We joined him and warmed ourselves with fire.
“I hope the dinner was not too intimidating.” Fred asked as he put his hands on my shoulders.
“It was.” I replied laughing.
“That was mum being mum. She used to do this a lot when we were young but stopped a while ago. I think she decided to revive it again.”
“It’s okay.” I said. “Guess I’ll get used to it.”
“You will never do.” Fred’s brother said.
We all laughed at the thought of it.

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