“What?” Fred asked shaking me hard.
“Fred!” I screamed louder while trying to open my eyes.
I looked around and noticed I was in my bed. I was breathing so hard. The sun rays were already penetrating the room. A sense of relief came over me. It was morning already! Fred on his side of the bed seated upright looking at me scared. He moved closer to me then wiped the tears off my face.
“I am sorry dear, it was just a bad dream.” He kept on reassuring me.
“But it seemed so real! I saw dad.” I said.
Fred moved closer and let me put my head on his chest. “It is just a dream.”
“I’m scared.” I whispered.        
“What was the dream about?” Fred asked after he noticed that I was relaxed a bit.
“I can’t remember the where I was but I was with dad. He was alive! He held my hand and walked me down through a forest. He never said anything. He just kept glancing at me. I kept on asking where he was taking me but he didn’t say anything. Then suddenly, he fell into a hole. He was grabbing on to a branch. I tried to help me out but he was too heavy for me to lift him out. He was screaming my name out as he was falling.” I said.
“I’m sorry.” Fred said. “I think you miss him.”
“I do.”                                                                           
“And it is not your fault he passed away.”
“But I didn’t spend much time with him before he passed on.” I replied.
“You didn’t go home as much you would have wanted to as you had just got a job. Don’t go blaming yourself.”
“I suppose.”
“So are you feeling better?” Fred asked.
I nodded.
“Alright, we have to prepare for work or we are going to be late.” He said while jumping out of bed. “I’m going to take a shower.”
We arrived in the office at five minutes past eight. As I was going to my office, I noticed that the boss, Mrs. Wright was already settled in her office. The Human Resource team alongside the boss had an early morning meeting.  I had been chosen by to present several ideas that the department had come up with to tackle the backlog the office was experiencing. The meeting started at exactly nine and it went on well. Mrs. Wright kept on asking questions towards the end. I answered most of them directing the other questions to the head of HR. That woman usually made everything hard. She made one feel scared to even answer straight.
After the meeting, I continued with the work I had on hand before breaking out for lunch. The receptionist and I went to the cafeteria below our office. She was a chatterbox. She never stopped talking even for a minute! I asked her about the dream I had earlier in the morning. She was silent for a moment then later told me to stop stressing about life so much before continuing to eat her salad. This girl was weird.  

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